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On health and fitness

Ugh. So, we're still a sick house - Michaya recovered a bit at the end of last week so they went to school on Wednesday and Thursday, but then Saturday Thalia came down with an all out-fever, complete with bonus puking! So they are both home today. Michaya isn't sick anymore, but I really didn't want to load Thalia into the car if it was not necessary, and since Michaya's usually the one throwing the fits anyways, I didn't want to strongarm her onto the school bus if her sister stayed home.

Rigel's been recovering well - he's lost most of the congestion he had earlier. I'd hoped to post a super awesome 4 MONTHS OMG post here with all his vital stats, but I didn't want to drag sick Thalia to the doctor today and deal with two kids miserable and freaking out. So Wednesday I will know how big and awesome he is, and I'll post pictures and the whole shebang.

As for me, I've still got a cold, and the misery was compounded by PMS that never actually resulted in a period. I guess after you have a baby, it takes awhile for your body to get back in the groove of things? Whatever the case, I'm feeling a bit better now, so that leaves me a bit more capable of handling the sickies.

I've really been wanting to work out lately - I've still got some baby weight hanging around, and even though you wouldn't look at me and think "omg, she needs to lose weight" I'm still a couple sizes too big. Plus, with PMS this weekend I felt absolutely gross.

Problem is, my hip was injured during the girls' pregnancy or birth, and it only got worse with this most recent time around. (I dunno what the problem is exactly - finally going to a doctor about it this week.) Right now, if I go shopping for about an hour and a half or so, then I have a serious ache for the rest of the day. And that's not even strenuous activity!

So, I talked it over with Orion, and he picked up an exercise bike for me at Walmart for under $100. It's not anything super fancy, but it's more than sufficient. I've done a couple workouts on it, and my hip's been fine afterwards. YAY! I finally feel like I can have some control in that area again.

K, I think all the nublets have been properly subdued, so I better go take a nap while I can.


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Feb. 24th, 2009 05:13 am (UTC)
So Wednesday I will know how big and awesome he is, and I'll post pictures and the whole shebang.


Ouch, about your hip. Hope that heals up for ya. I still haven't gotten a period, its very wierd!
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